What is AAU?

AAU stands for the Amateur Athletic Union and is the oldest and largest single sponsor of amateur sports in the United States. AAU holds events in basketball, baseball, soccer, track and field, volleyball, weightlifting, karate, swimming you name it as long as it’s amateur, AAU holds events in it!

Up until the US allowed professional athletes to compete on Olympic teams, AAU oversaw our Olympic teams (Remember Michael Jordan and the Dream Team?). AAU still sponsors the Junior Olympics (JO Games), the Nationals and the Jr. Nationals. For us, the New Jersey AAU sanctions basketball tournaments for member clubs and players.

How are AAU teams formed?

AAU teams are sponsored by an AAU registered club. A club is typically made up of one or more adult volunteers who get together and form for the purpose of supervising and participating in a given sport. Pure Basketball is an AAU Club and sponsors basketball teams in New Jersey.