At Pure Basketball, we expect our parents to build up and support their child, their child’s team members, and the parents of those team members. Parents must possess high moral principals, be honest and fair, and set a superlative example for others. Parents are also responsible for providing suitable arrangements for the lodging, meals, and transportation of their player to practices, clinics, and tournaments. Parents are expected to abstain from unprofessional conduct such as: disrespect toward or harassment of game officials, fans, athletes, or coaches, ethnic or racial slurs, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Each parent is required to complete a Parent Code of Ethics form which can be downloaded from our web site.


There are many areas in which parents can contribute to the Pure Basketball program, whether skilled in basketball or not. They include:

Assisting our Coaches – Parents can help with drills during practice (if the coach asks for volunteers) and assist on the bench during games, attending to injured players, supplying towels and water, encouraging the team, tracking substitutions, etc.

Statisticians – Game stats are an important part of developing players. To accurately track player performance, we need stat keepers each game.

Trainer – Anyone who knows CPR and has a basic background in first aid is welcome to volunteer for this position. Unfortunately, our children do risk injury every time they step on the court.

Team Videographer – Videos of games are an exceptional tool to aid the coach in determining areas needing improvement.

Fundraising Committee – we need several parent volunteers to help with fundraising. Without fundraising, the cost per player to participate in our club would be much higher!

Solicit Donations of Consumables – bottled water, towels, first aid supplies (especially cold packs), etc. If you know a business person who sells these things, don’t be shy. Ask for donations.

Other Committees – Parents also have the opportunity to serve on Tournament Committees, Recruiting Committees, and/or the Publications Committee.

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